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The Light of Christ

“I do not believe for one moment that there has been a man or woman upon the face of the earth, from the days of Adam to this day, who has not been enlightened, instructed, and taught by the revelations of Jesus Christ. ‘What! the ignorant heathen?’ Yes, every human being who has possessed a sane mind. I am far from believing that the children of men have been deprived of the privilege of receiving the Spirit of the Lord to teach them right from wrong.” Brigham Young,  Discourses of Brigham Young , pp. 32 “… I am the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world… ” D&C 93:2 “…t he true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world .” John 1:9

True greatness

"True greatness...always requires regular, consistent, small, and sometimes ordinary and mundane steps over a long period of time."  Howard W. Hunter, " True Greatness ", Ensign, May 1982, 19

Days never to be forgotten

"If you are faithful, the day will come when those deserving pioneers, whom you rightly praise, for having overcome the adversities in their wilderness trek, will instead praise you , for having made your way successfully through a desert of despair, for having passed through a cultural wilderness, and having kept the faith, for having been true to the faith. And yes, you will rightly go on praising them for what they did in their days, but one day, including some of your ancestors, [they] will praise you for having come safely home, through that cultural wilderness and that desert of despair. God bless you, in these your days! As those of us who love you and view you with a sense of anticipation are settled in our hearts and minds: You really are the Vanguard of those whom God promised to send in these the last days , of which I testify, as I encourage you to make of these days, "days never to be forgotten" in the history of the Church. And I do so in love, and as y

The spirit of revelation

“Should you receive a vision or revelation from the Almighty, one that the Lord gave you concerning yourselves, or this people, but which you are not to reveal on account or you not being the proper person, or because it ought not to be known by the people at present, you should shut it up and seal it as close, and lock it as tight as heaven is to you, and make it as secret as the grave. The Lord has no confidence in those who reveal secrets, for he cannot safely reveal himself to such persons.” Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young , pp. 40-41 “If we draw near to him, he will draw near to us; if we seek his early, we shall find him; if we apply our minds faithfully and diligently day by day, to know and understand the mind and will of God, it is as easy as, yes, I will say easier than it is to know the mind of each other.” Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young , p. 42 “No earthly argument, no earthly reasoning can open the minds of intelligent beings and shown them he


I pray because the need flows from me constantly- awake, asleep.  It does not change God, it changes me! C.S. Lewis I know not by what methods rare, but this I know, God answers prayer! I know that He has given us His word that tells me prayer is always heard, And will be answered soon or late, and so I pray and calmly wait. I know not if the blessing sought will come just in the way I thought, But leave my prayers with Him alone, whose ways are wiser than my own- Assured that He will grant my quest, or send some answer far more blessed. Eliza M. Hickock

We must be willing to do our part

"When a person is placed in circumstances that he cannot possibly obtain one particle of anything to sustain life, it would then be his privilege to exercise faith in God to feed him, who might cause a raven to pick up a piece of dried meat from some quarter where there was plenty, and drop it over the famishing man. When I cannot feed myself through the means God has placed in my power, it is then time enough for him to exercise his providence in an unusual manner to administer to my wants. But while we can help ourselves, it is our duty to do so." Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young , p. 155 "If the Latter-day Saints will walk up to their privileges, and exercise faith in the name of Jesus Christ, and live in enjoyment of the fullness of the Holy Ghost constantly day by day, there is nothing on the face of the earth that they could ask for, that would not be given to them. The Lord is waiting to be very gracious unto his people, and to pour out upon them rich

A consecrated life

A consecrated life is a beautiful thing. Its strength and serenity are “as a very fruitful tree which is planted in a goodly land, by a pure stream, that yieldeth much precious fruit” ( D&C 97:9 ). Of particular significance is the influence of a consecrated man or woman upon others, especially those closest and dearest. The consecration of many who have gone before us and others who live among us has helped lay the foundation for our happiness. In like manner future generations will take courage from your consecrated life, acknowledging their debt to you for the possession of all that truly matters. May we consecrate ourselves as sons and daughters of God, “that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope” ( Moroni 7:48 ; see also  1 John 3:2 ) D. Todd Christofferson, October 2010 General Conference

We never need doubt, if we are doing right

"A great many good people, who possess much of the Spirit of the Lord are naturally given to doubting, having so little self-reliance that they sometimes doubt whether they are Saints in truth or not. These often doubt when they should not. So long as they are walking humbly before God, keeping his commandments, and observing his ordinances, feeling willing to give all for Christ, and do everything that will promote his Kingdom, they need never doubt, for the Spirit will testify to them whether they are of God or not." Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young , p. 155