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optimism in difficulty (Joseph Smith)

When a man is born down with trouble when he is perplexed with care and difficulty if he can meet a smile instead of an argument or a murmur...if he can meet with mildness, it will calm down his soul and soothe his feelings; when the mind is going to despair, it needs a solace of affection and kindness. Joseph Smith

looking on the bright side of things (Hinckley)

"What I am suggesting and asking is that we turn from the negativism that so permeates our society and look for the remarkable good in the land and times in which we live, that we speak of one another’s virtues more than we speak of one another’s faults, that optimism replace pessimism. Let our faith replace our fears." —Gordon B. Hinckley, " Chapter 3: Cultivating an Attitude of Happiness and a Spirit of Optimism ",  Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Gordon B. Hinckley , 2016

the spirit of the gospel is optimistic (Whitney)

“The spirit of the gospel is optimistic; it trusts in God and looks on the bright side of things. The opposite or pessimistic spirit drags men down and away from God, looks on the dark side, murmurs, complains, and is slow to yield obedience.”    Elder Orson F. Whitney In Conference Report, Apr. 1917, 43. See also Ether 8:26

advice for life

"Don't look back, your not going that way."                                                          - Unknown

I have heard no bad news (Thoreau)

“I know that I am. I know that another is who knows more than I, who takes an interest in me, whose creature, and yet whose kindred in one sense, am I. I know that the enterprise is worthy. I know that things work well. I have heard no bad news.” Henry David Thoreau