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a good leader

President David O. McKay, in the October 1968 general conference, spoke about several traits that characterize a successful leader or teacher in the Church: 1.   “ Implicit faith  in the gospel of  Jesus Christ  as the light of the world, and a sincere desire to serve him. This condition of the soul will make for companionship and guidance of the Holy Ghost.” 2.   “ Unfeigned love  for the … members, guided by determination to deal justly and impartially with every member of the Church. Honor the … member, and the … member will honor you.” 3.   “ Thorough preparation . The successful leader knows his [or her] duties and responsibilities and also the members under his [or her] direction.” 4.   “ Cheerfulness —not forced but natural cheerfulness, springing spontaneously from a hopeful soul” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1968, 144).