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willing to submit (Rex Pinegar)

The Holy Scriptures (Carlos E. Asay)

I fear that many of us rush about from day to day taking for granted The Holy Scriptures. We scramble to honor appointments with physicians, lawyers and businessman.  Yet we think nothing of postponing interviews with Deity--postponing our Scripture Study.  Little wonder we develop anemic souls and lose our direction in living.  How much better it would be if we planned and held sacred fifteen or twenty minutes a day for reading The Scriptures. Such interviews with Deity would help us recognize His voice and enable us to receive guidance in all of our affairs.  We must look to God through the Scriptures. Elder Carlos E. Asay, General Conference October 1978

God is with us (Uchtdorf)

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength (Isaiah 40)

  28  Hast  thou  not  known?  hast  thou  not  heard,  that  the  everlasting  God,  the  Lord ,  the  Creator  of  the  ends  of  the  earth,  fainteth  not,  neither  is  weary?  there  is  no  searching  of  His  understanding.   29  He  giveth  power  to  the  faint;  and  to  them  that  have  no  might  He  increaseth  strength.   30  Even  the  youths  shall  faint  and  be  weary,  and  the  young  men shall  utterly  fall:   31  But  they  that  wait  upon  the  Lord  shall  renew   their   strength ; they  shall  mount  up  with  wings  as  eagles ;  they  shall  run ,  and  not  be  weary;  and  they  shall  walk,  and  not  faint." Isaiah 40:28-31

little acts are the sum of our existence (Brigham Young)

Chemists who are familiar with analyzing matter, inform you that the globe we inhabit is composed of small particles, so small that they cannot be seen with the unaided natural eye, and that one of these small particles may be divided into millions of parts, each part so minute as to be indiscernible by the aid of the finest microscopes.  So the walk of man is made up of acts performed from day to day.  It is the aggregate of the acts which I perform through life that makes up the conduct that will be exhibited in the day of judgment, and when the books are opened, there will be the life which I have lived for me to look upon, and there also will be the acts of your lives to look upon.  Do you not know that the building up of the Kingdom of God, the gathering of Israel, is to be done by little acts?  You breathe one breath at a time; each moment is set apart to its act, and each act to its moment.  It is the moments and the little acts that make the sum of the life of man.  Let every