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preparation for the Second Coming (Brigham Young)

Are you prepared for the day of vengeance to come, when the Lord will consume the wicked by the brightness of His coming?  No.  Then do not be too anxious for the Lord to hasten His work.  Let our anxiety be centered upon this one thing, the sanctification of our own hearts, the purifying of our own affections, the preparing of ourselves for the approach of events that are hastening upon us.  This should be our concern, this should be our study, this should be our daily prayer...Seek to have the Spirit of Christ, that we may wait patiently for the time of the Lord, and prepare ourselves for the times that are coming.  This is our duty. Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 9:3

"infinite love for us..." (Benson)

“No mortal being had the power or the capability to redeem all other mortals from their lost and fallen condition, nor could any other voluntarily forfeit his life and thereby bring to pass a universal resurrection for other mortals.  Only Jesus Christ was able and willing to accomplish such a redeeming act of love.  We may never understand nor comprehend in mortality how He accomplished what He did, but we must not fail to understand why He did what He did.  Everything He did was prompted by his unselfishness, infinite love for us.” President Ezra Taft Benson - Ensign , Nov. 1983, 7

3 steps to avoid being deceived (Benson)

“May I suggest three short tests to avoid being deceived… What do the standard works have to say about it?… The second guide is: what do the latter-day Presidents of the Church have to say on the subject–particularly the living President?… The third and final test is the Holy Ghost…This test can only be fully effective if one’s channels of communication with God are clean and virtuous and uncluttered with sin.” President Ezra Taft Benson -Conference Report, Oct. 1963, 16-17

ample provision (Joseph Smith; Maxwell)

worth a repeat post...: "The great Jehovah contemplated the whole of the events connected with the earth, pertaining to the plan of salvation, before it rolled into existence, or ever 'the morning stars sang together' for joy; the past, the present and the future were and are, with Him, one eternal 'now'; He knew of the fall of Adam, the iniquities of the antediluvians, of the depth of iniquity that would be connected with the human family, their weakness and strength, their power and glory, apostasies, their crimes, their righteousness and iniquity; He comprehended the fall of man and his redemption; He knew the Plan of Salvation and pointed it out; He was acquainted with the situation of all nations and with their destiny; He ordered all things according to the council of His own will; He knows the situation of both the living and the dead, and has made  ample provision  for their redemption, according to their several circumstances, and the laws of the kingdo