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work is a spiritual necessity (Maxwell)

Work is more than the residual requirement of the expulsion from Eden. The gospel of work is tied, therefore, not only to human circumstances in which work is an economic necessity, but to human nature in which work is a spiritual necessity. It has been said that work is love made manifest. For us to develop and to employ our talents requires us to be employed both vocationally and in the service of others. Our instincts for service would be frustrated if idleness were pervasive. Thus, the curse of idleness is not some arbitrary penalty imposed upon man, but arises out of our very nature. There are both  observable reasons  why we must be especially careful about idleness (along with wealth and power), and  transcendental reasons  why these conditions are a special challenge for “almost all.” It is important to distinguish between the basic principles involved in the gospel of work and the frantic, heedless busyness that some engage in, which crowds out contemplation and which leaves n