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the New Testament (Perry)

The world today is so saturated with doctrines of men that it is easy to forget and lose faith in that all-important account of the Savior’s life and ministry–the New Testament.  This sacred volume is the centerpiece of scriptural history, just as the Savior Himself should be the centerpiece of our lives.  We must commit ourselves to study it and treasure it!  There are priceless pearls of wisdom to be found in our study of the New Testament…” Elder L. Tom Perry, ”The Sabbath and the Sacrament,”  Ensign,  May 2011, 6

Becoming Goodly Parents (Perry)

Our strengthened family cultures will be a protection for our children from “the fiery darts of the adversary” ( 1 Nephi 15:24 ) embedded in their peer cultures, the entertainment and celebrity cultures, the credit and entitlement cultures, and the Internet and media cultures to which they are exposed constantly. It will help our children live in the world and not become “of the world” ( John 15:19 ). Elder L. Tom Perry, October 2012 General Conference

Deliverance (Elder L. Tom Perry)

"Many of the stories of the Book of Mormon are stories of deliverance. Lehi’s departure into the wilderness with his family was about deliverance from the destruction of Jerusalem. The story of the Jaredites is a story of deliverance, as is the story of the Mulekites. Alma the Younger was delivered from sin. Helaman’s stripling warriors were delivered in battle. Nephi and Lehi were delivered from prison. The theme of deliverance is evident throughout the Book of Mormon." -Elder L. Tom Perry, "The Power of Deliverance", General Conference, Apr. 2012

never worry about offending others by living the Gospel (Perry)

Never worry about offending others by living up to the standards of the Church...I promise you that living up to a temple recommend standard will bless and never hurt you in any situation in which you might  find yourself. Elder L. Tom Perry, BYU Idaho Devotional, January 24, 2012

Living, Abiding and Eternal Reality (L. Tom Perry)

"[John Taylor] was given a special call to go to New York City to organize and publish a newspaper whose purpose would be to present the doctrines and practices of the Church in such a way as to neutralize the groundswell of anti-Mormon feeling that had been mounting for over a year. . . . ". . . He responded with boldness, challenging his critics to prove their charges: " 'We have said before and say now, that we defy all the editors and writers in the United States to prove that Mormonism is less moral, scriptural, philosophical; or that there is less patriotism in Utah than any other part of the United States. We call for proof; bring on your reasons, gentlemen, if you have any; we shrink not from the investigation, and dare you to the encounter' (in Roberts, Life of John Taylor, 249). "He then sketched for readers the salient characteristics of a converted Latter-day Saint: 'He grasps at all truths, human and divine. . . . He has nothing to lose but

John Taylor's courage

John Taylor's strength of witness and conversion were illustrated by an event that occurred near Columbus, Ohio, where a group of trouble-makers, learning that he had scheduled to preach a service there, decided to tar and feather him. When a few Church members heard about the plot, they urged him to cancel the meeting, for they lacked the strength to protect him. Expressing his thanks for their concern, he decided nevertheless to fulfill the appointment. At the meeting, the English convert proceeded to lecture his audience about the blessings of freedom guaranteed in the American Constitution and about the valor of their forefathers in fighting for liberty. Having laid that groundwork, he suddenly shifted his focus: 'I have been informed that you purpose to tar and feather me, for my religious opinions. Is this the boon you have inherited from your fathers? Is this . . . your liberty?' After letting the implications of these accusatory questions seep in, he s