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Grace shall be as your day...(Wilcox)

The first company of Saints entered the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. Their journey was difficult and challenging; still, they sang: Come, come, ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear; But with joy wend your way. Though hard to you this journey may appear, Grace shall be as your day. [“Come, Come, Ye Saints,”  Hymns,  2002, no. 30] “Grace shall be as your day”—what an interesting phrase. We have all sung it hundreds of times, but have we stopped to consider what it means? “Grace shall be as your day”: grace shall be like a day. As dark as night may become, we can always count on the sun coming up. As dark as our trials, sins, and mistakes may appear, we can always have confidence in the grace of Jesus Christ. Do we earn a sunrise? No. Do we have to be worthy of a chance to begin again? No. We just have to accept these blessings and take advantage of them. As sure as each brand-new day, grace—the enabling power of Jesus Christ—is constant. Faithful pioneers knew th

the crickets and the seagulls (from journal of Anson Call)

"The last day of February, 1849, I commenced sowing my wheat.  I sowed 5 bushels, from which I raised 200 bushels-reared a small crop of corn.  The crickets commenced to devour us about the 1st of May, on which I had continual warfare with them until the 1st of September.  They damaged my corn continually and probably would have used up every vestige of grain that there was growing in the Valley had not the gulls assisted us.   They came when nearly every ray of hope was gone.  They would eat until they filled their craw, and throw them up and fill it again.  Thus they labored almost incessantly from day to day ." The Life and Record of Anson Call, page 40 (emphasis added)