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wise men talk because they have something to say...(Plato)

Christians and non-Christians (C.S. Lewis)

The world does not consist of 100 percent Christians and 100 percent non-Christians. There are people (a great many of them) who are slowly ceasing to be Christians but who still call themselves by that name: some of them are clergymen. There are other people who are slowly becoming Christians though they do not yet call themselves so. C.S. Lewis

The Scriptures are like a songbook (Maxwell)

The scriptures not only witness the truth about Christ and His relevance for mankind, but are, in a sense, like a songbook.  There are many melodies that need to be sung and heard, and adult favorites are not necessarily those that attract or are relevant for the young.  Only through personal involvement with the scriptures can we find the particular scriptural songs that meet our needs.   We cannot depend entirely on group study of the Gospel to fill all our individual requirements.  We must ourselves open the songbook and hear the music.  The answers are there and the music of the Gospel, like its physical counterpart, suffers from too much filtering without high fidelity. Elder Neal A. Maxwell (A Time to Choose, pp. 52-53)