About this blog (in case you are wondering):

One does not have to view much of this blog before they are likely to think, and perhaps exclaim: “wait a minute, this is nothing special, not really that creative or unique...rather, its just a collection of quotes and ideas from Church leaders and other great thinkers.”  Yes, that is EXACTLY what this is and exactly what this is intended to be.  More than anything, this blog is my study notebook, a place to keep quotes and ideas I come across while reading various books and articles.  I endeavor to read and record a variety of topics and authors.  Notwithstanding, the blog has been, and will continue to be, replete with quotes from Elder Maxwell and Brigham Young (two of my heroes).

When I first started blogging last year, I intended to sprinkle a few of my own ideas and musings herein on occasion.  However, I have yet to run out of wonderful quotes and ideas from people much smarter than me, and I expect that 50 years from now (assuming I’m still around), I’ll still be finding quotes and ideas worth sharing.  My hope is that someone reading this blog will, if nothing else, get a taste of brilliance and wonder of Brigham Young, Elder Maxwell, John Taylor, Lincoln, C.S. Lewis, Tolstoy, etc. and then leave this to go read more of what those intellectual and spiritual giants have said or written.  Besides, there are literally thousands of “Mormon blogs” by LDS members spouting forth their “wisdom” for all to read…if that is what you are looking for... 

Best wishes,

P.S.  I having nothing against the "Mormon blogs" mentioned above.  I'm all in favor of LDS members sharing what the Gospel means to them and how they interpret scriptures, etc.  At the same time, given the choice, I would much rather read what Brigham and the like said/wrote/thought.  Just a personal preference.


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