being saved today and every day

I will offer a word to all, whether they are mechanics or common laborers.  No matter what calling you may follow in life, you have need, at this juncture of your existence, to observe and treasure up one thing carefully and faithfully in your minds, namely, if you live a proper life before the Lord, you know that you have the fellowship of His Spirit, so that you know your prayers are heard and answered, because you receive the things you ask for.  If you live so as to always have the witness of the good Spirit, you will be saved today and every day, and thus it will be well with you.  But if you are heedless of this day, and calculate on tomorrow, you have no assurance that you will realize your hopes tomorrow.  The only certain stepping stone is...that you be faithful to your covenants with God and secure thereby the fellowship of the Spirit, and walk in the counsels of it today; if you do this, you will have the good that is for you tomorrow.

Franklin D. Richards, Journal of Discourses 1:317


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