God is more interested in our place in His kingdom than our place in mortal organizational charts (Maxwell)

God is infinitely more interested in our having a place in His kingdom than with our spot on a mortal organizational chart. We may brood over our personal span of control, but He is concerned with our capacity for self-control. Father wants us to come home, bringing our real résumés, ourselves!
Even so, our mortal jealousies still occur regularly over money, turf, a slight, or the “robes” and the “fatted calf” given to others (see Luke 15:22–23).
True belonging occurs when we know who we are and to whom we really belong! Remember the popular lines in Fiddler on the Roof about Anatevka? There, “everyone knows who he is and what God expects him todo” (Joseph Stein, Fiddler on the Roof [1964], 3; emphasis added), to which might be added “and what God expects him to be.
Yes, we are free to choose the mortal perks with their short shelf life. However, ahead lies that great moment when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ! (see Mosiah 27:31D&C 88:104). Then the galleries and the mortal thrones will be empty. Even the great and spacious building will fall—and resoundingly! (see 1 Ne. 8:26–28). Then, too, those who have lived without God in the world will confess that God is God! (see Mosiah 27:31). Meanwhile, His character and attributes should evoke adoration and emulation from us.


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